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Waikiki Beach, Honolulu/Waikiki, Hawaii

2552 Kalakaua Ave (behind the Waikiki Beach Marriott), Honolulu/Waikiki, Hawaii

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Over rated and crowded but must see... it's Waikki!

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*Get there early to claim your spot! *Check it out at night too for an interesting side of Hawaii!

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Submitted by: Kevin A.

This is where dreams happen ... laying on the beach, sippin on your pina colada with the paper umbrella ... Cant get any better right? well check this out ... EVERY FRIDAY FIREWORKS AS THE SUN SETS!!! COOL RIGHT??? And whats even more amazing, is ... This beach doesnt have all these rocks and sharp stuff as you step into the...

Submitted by: Dean H.

Waikiki beach, I used to think, WAY too crowded, hard to find parking, where are you going to sit, so irratating that there is so many tourist there, no bathrooms, far walk, junky water, but I was really really really wrong.  I just went with my brother and his children and we had a BLAST! First of all, finding parking can be a little bit of a challenge but if you want to pay a little for a shorter walk it is AOK.   Second, there are bathrooms, yes they were busy bathrooms with a crazy vagrant standing in the front of it for about 5 minutes yelling his head off.  BUT it was a clean bathroom nonetheless.  Yes, the showers near the bathrooms near the wall was plugged but oh well, that is most of the public sho...

Submitted by: Rowena T.

Of course this beach is the busiest of all since it is the resort area. It is gorgeous, but if you do not have kids then this beach is not for you. What I do love is the beach walk, since it was my first time in Oahu, I feel most comfortable around all the tourists ...

Submitted by: Jennifer A.

You can't really complain about any beach in Hawaii.  All are equally gorgeous in their own way. Waikiki has a lovely view of Diamond Head, is a super close to most of the hotels, and has a great childre...

Submitted by: Neil K.

Overcrowded with tourists- Yes. Beach is deteriorating - Yes. Did I snorkel and swim w/ the turtles? - YES  - ...

Submitted by: melody m.

This beach is overly crowded most of the day, but it is really splitting hairs on this Island. Every beach offers some sort of mind-blowing view and what one person views as overly crowded could be a mecca to another person. A plus of the over-crowding is that there are plenty of businesses, restaurants, public restrooms and outdoor showers, rental kiosks for boards and parasailing, options for kids swimming (small lagoons), etc. If you want clean, clear and crystalline blue water - go to Waimanalo Beach Park on the lower east side of the Island. If you want surfing - MAJOR SURFING - go to Sandy Beach just past Diamond Head. If you want snorkeling, go to North Shore. But for a good solid beach experience whe...

Submitted by: Mama L.

Love Waiks not for the beach (hard, ciggy butt sand) but for the entertainment @ night! Watch the 5 black guys from L.A., they are sooo good..can't remember their names, (maybe Style Pro?) sorry, also the dirty white dude with the 2 parrots, he's such a great photo setter upper! The Mexican guy with the Baskin Robbins costume on is hilarious, he's a good sport & you can take lots of pix with him too. The Asian guy who does all the trippy pix in front of Kings shopping center(down way from Ka'iulani & Kalakaua) still does good pix, although my hubby thinks he's been inhaling too much of the paint fumes over the years. lol. The Black basketball dude is worth a watch, & the kiddos will enjoy the Caucasian water...

Submitted by: Jamie W.

SO MUCH FUN! On my big fat Hawaiian vacation I wasn't expecting to enjoy Waikiki so much. Yes it's a tourist mecca. Yes, there are more ABC stores than people. And who needs a dozen Le Sport Sac stores anyway? Who cares! We spent a total of five days in Waikiki and I cannot wait to return. My favorite Waikiki things.... swimming in the ocean before breakfast, drinking Mai Tais at the Moana Surfrider and eating burgers at Cheeseburgers in Paradise. One of the nice things about Waikiki is that it's completely pedestrian friendly. And family friendly. Unlike Vegas you can walk around Waikiki without fear that someone is going to hand your 60 year old mother an advertisement for porn or hookers. Woo hoo! Will de...

Submitted by: Margret C.

Did you know that Waikiki Beach has numerous names for each stretch of beach? It's very busy  with tourists (excellent for people watching- you'll be seeing lots of booty crack, Japanese tourists who don't want to get dark covering parts up, older "Magda (from "There's something about Mary" fame)/George Hamilton" orange types, the beautiful people, and families with kids (the kids are so much fun to watch because some of them are fearless and carefree). Jeez, I almost forgot to mention the man with the Metal Detector who is vigilant about his search- seen him for years now, could be a few of them doing this, for all I know. There are also people fishing at the very end of the beach. Also, surfing lessons hel...


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