Articles by Ellen Nordberg


The Next Big Thing: 5 Places to Go Slacklining

Bounce, balance and maybe even backflip at these innovative slackline locations.

By on Mar 26, 2014

The No-Excuses Vacation Workout

Don't chuck your fitness routine. You can get a whole-body workout in your hotel room with five basic moves.


It’s a Bug’s Life: 5 Incredible Insectariums

Would you bug out if a tarantula crawled up your arm? Could you eat a fried dragonfly or a cicada kabob? Step inside these insectariums.


Snakes Alive! 6 Standout Serpentariums

Boas and cobras and vipers--oh my! If it slithers and hisses, you'll find it at these six top snake and reptile zoos.