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Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City (Kansas)

10401 Cabela Drive, Kansas City (Kansas), Kansas

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Visited: 2012-12-01 | Submitted: 2013-03-19 16:29:45.0 | I traveled with tweens (9-12)

Lots of fun but very crowded around the holidays

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We love Great Wolf Lodge...usually. We spent the night there a couple of days after Christmas on the way back home from a visit with family. It took forever to check in because it was mobbed. We hit the water park as soon as we could (after waiting forever to check in) and it was mobbed. We finally found a couple of chairs tucked away in the corner and proceeded to wait in line for the slides. It's hard to have fun when you spend all of your time in lines. My husband and I also had trouble with the chlorine in the air. I don't know if it was where we were sitting or the fact it was late in the day but we were extremely uncomfortable because our eyes were burning so much. We left after about an hour, when our kids got tired of waiting in line. We did go back the next morning first thing and had a great time. No issues with the chlorine and the lines were tolerable. It was the Great Wolf Lodge that we have grown to love. We'll be back but not during the holiday season.

Tips for Families

Don't go the week of Christmas. It is just too crowded. When you are there, be sure to check the cool restaurant T-Rex that is close by. It's a fun restaurant.

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