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Herkimer NY

Herkimer, New York

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Visited: 2013-06-01 | Submitted: 2014-04-07 14:14:08.0 | I traveled with little kids (3-5) and teens (13+)

Diamond mines- fun for all!

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I love this place! The accommodations were very cozy, like being at home. There was plenty of space for the 5 of us (two teenagers, a 4 year old, myself and my mom) and there was plenty of space to keep food. Although the weather wasn't up to par when we arrived, we still had fun watching movies and eating food until the rain died down. The storm we encountered left quite that mess that we had fun walking around the grounds after. Our cabin was close enough to the mines that returning to have lunch, take a break, grab a drink, etc. was exceptionally easy.

Tips for Families

I recommend trying to get a cabin that is right next to the mines, especially if you have young children. During the summer months, the mines do get very hot. Being able to return for food, a drink or a rest is imperative with a young camper. Although the pool is inside the main grounds, it is a nice walk to get some exercise to use the pool. I would rather be next to the mines then next to the pool, and being next to the mines allows you to have a quieter stay as after the mines close you only have a few neighboring cabins worth of people left.

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