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Field Museum of Natural History

1400 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, Illinois

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Visited: 2012-12-01 | Submitted: 2013-02-24 20:14:26.0 | I traveled with little kids (3-5) and tweens (9-12)

Great for animal lovers!

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If you have family members that love animals, history and learning about evolution, this is the place to visit! This museum offers all of that and more. The kids thoroughly enjoyed exploring the different areas where animal habitats were meticulously recreated. The animal recreations looked genuine and authentic, which created a large amount of interest. The ability to see hair, teeth, claws, etc. up close and personal was an experience that people cannot have with live species of animals. The exhibits featured all different species of animals, starting with the very basic of cells that eventually led to the dinosaur eras. One of the biggest highlights of the museum is Sue, the world's largest and most complete T-rex. We were awestruck at the size of this creature. Although this is not a "hands-on" facility, this museum is great for those that love reading the signs in front of each exhibit. Each area of the museum is a great study in history so for those that appreciate that sort of knowledge, The Field Museum is a wonderful place to visit.

Tips for Families

*If you have a pass to a museum in your local town, visit the website for Association of Science-Technology Centers. At that site you can check to see if The Field Museum, as well as many other museums, are part of this program that allows you to use any museum pass for entrance. ** Several areas of the museum required additional tickets to enter and were not covered under the regular admission. We were disappointed that exhibits that were highly advertised were not accessible with regular admission.

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