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Wonderful Travel Offers for Family Vacations Overseas

Explore the world with your children with these great vacation packages.


Astounding African Beach Breaks for Families

Whether you choose the Seychelles, Mauritius or Mozambique, an African beach break promises dreamy landscapes and pristine nature for the perfect family adventure.


Family-Friendly African Safaris for the Trip of a Lifetime

Live the dream adventure in Africa where plains stretch as far as the eye can see and creatures roam free.


6 Big Game Safari Parks in the US

Is an African safari on your bucket list but not in your budget? These six safari parks let you see the Big Five without leaving the U.S.


4 Exciting Family Vacation Ideas Around the World

Get more foreign stamps in your passport and explore the world with your children.

By on Feb 28, 2014

5 Places to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.

Want your kids to know MLK better? These 5 places celebrate the man and his legacy all year long.


Good Morning! The 11 Best Sunrises on Earth

Yahoo! Travel culled a list of the most breathtaking sunrises around the world.


How to Travel Like Bizarre Foods’ Host Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern talks to Yahoo about why we all should travel.


5 Caribbean Islands with the Best Cuisine

Whether you love fresh fruit, seafood or the spicy curry dishes the region is famous for, here’s our look at five of the finest foodie islands in the Caribbean.

By on Mar 13, 2013

Meet the Cutest New Zoo Babies

From Mpumi the elephant to Gladys the gorilla, here are the most irresistible babies running—and swinging, and swimming—around this spring.


Hotel Amenities for Kids That Adults Secretly Want to Do

These are hotel amenities and activities for kids make parents jealous and ask, “Can adults use that thing?”


5 Best Summer Festivals for Kids in Montreal

Head on over to Montreal this summer for these awesome festivals.


Fabulous Holiday Destinations for Families

Here are six holiday destinations guaranteed to get your family in the ho-ho-holiday spirit.


Top 6 Indoor Water Park Resorts in the Midwest

Splash during any season at these weatherproof water parks.


How to Do Grand Cayman Like a Local

Beyond George Town’s duty-free shops and the swanky resorts of the Seven Mile strip, there’s a side of this 75-square-mile territory that islanders have been keeping to themselves.


Goodnight Monkeys: Best Sleepovers at U.S. Zoos

With these overnight adventures, you get to roast marshmallows and sleep within earshot of the wild things.


Family Safaris Around the World

With these family-friendly safaris around the world, you and your kids will have the adventure of a lifetime!


Insider’s Guide to Venezuela

Yahoo! Travel takes us to one of the most exotic destinations in the world. Here are a few things you need to know before traveling to Venezuela with the kids.


7 Fabulously Unusual Hotels Both Kids and Adults Will Enjoy

Whether you want giraffes nosing through your hotel room window or perhaps wake up with a view out of the cockpit, here are some hotels that offer experiences the kids will never forget.


A Family's Guide to London

For families visiting London for the first time, here's a quick guide to the beautiful city.